Halloween is a BIG DEAL here in the Dodds / Bean and Bemble house.  We absolutely LOVE IT!  It appeals to our love of parties, of crafting elaborate decorations and of course prancing around like idiots in ridiculous fancy dress costumes.  Our son has been obsessed with Halloween since he was about 2, and literally asks every single DAY for months “How long is it until Halloween”? 

We promised the kids a huge Halloween family bash once we moved back to the UK from Qatar, but then COVID-19 hit and the party never happened :( Soooo, we've been busy planning some very exciting decorations for a fabulous party this year.  The decor definitely won't be as classy as this I must admit!

However, I loved setting all this up just as much and I hope it inspires you to do the same.


Creating a fabulous table setting is easier than you might think.  You also don't need to spend a fortune on things you will only use for a day or two. For this setup I used:
  • Sequin or glitter fabric (this is my sequin dress screwed up!!)
  • Candles, real or fake
  • Mini pumpkins and / or decorative gourds (I found the mini white pumpkins in Lidl, and the nobbly little gourds in the local greengrocer)
  • A few seasonal / coordinating flowers either from the florist or your garden, maybe some berries, purple grapes would look fab here, some satsumas even!  Go wild and it doesn't have to only be orange and black, but do keep colours coordinated.  I used a thistle and gerbers from the florist, and some little orange flowers and white snowberries from our garden.
  • I added a little skull too, but it really doesn't matter if you don't have one, it's obviously not completely normal to have a cat skull lying around in your home… ;)
  • Some beautiful placemats and coasters and your chosen tableware

elegant halloween dinner party

Lay the piece of fabric down central to the table.  Add candles equally spaced apart (keeping the flame away from the fabric of course).  Arrange the pumpkins in a symmetrical zig zag row.  Chop the flower stems short and start slotting them into the gaps equally spaced, keeping the colours balanced.  That is literally it!  Done!

Michelle x

PS. Please follow us on instagram to see more photos, and maybe you'll also spot a glimpse of our Beetlejuice themed costumes and decorations next weekend!!! 

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Michelle Dodds